Triathlon Coaching

Three sports are better than one

Triathlon has been my passion for quite some time, and while I also coach and compete in multi-sport events, there is nothing like Triathlon in terms of complexity and challenge!

I’ve had the privilege to coach some exceptional athletes through the Sydney based Moore Performance squad.¬†Moore Performance offer programs to suit all levels, for any distance from sprint to Ironman, (even Ultraman and beyond). Moore Performance also boasts the most friendly and supportive group of athletes I’ve had the good fortune¬†to train with.

As a seasoned Ironman athlete – I specalise in coaching athletes for mid and long distance events.

For more information check out the Moore Performance website.

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Keith Testimonial

Keith Hegarty

"Phil has been my coach for over 2 years in which time I have completed my first Olympic triathlon, 70.3 and full Ironman. Throughout my training Phil has written my training plans and guided me through the highs and lows. Phil provides on going support in all aspects of my journey and he has a deep knowledge of what is required for each discipline. Phil's coaching is based on his own experiences and his comprehensive reading on all things triathlon. Phil has an attention to detail and my races have really benefited from his coaching."
Keith Testimonial