The Bird(s) – Magpie Swooping Horror in Sydney

By November 14, 2012Cycling, Incidents
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So it turns out that Sydney drivers aren’t merely content with trying to kill cyclists by the tried and true method of running us off the road – they are also training ‘murders’ of magpies to assist them.

According to Wikipedia there are other collective nouns for magpies – but for the ‘Australian Magpie’ I feel ‘murder’ is the most appropriate.

The Birds

This is pretty much how it happened… but with bikes… and less kids… and mandatory helmets

So there we were just riding along, minding our own business; now maybe it was the smell of the fish as chips we just consumed, (you’re allowed to at the end of a 140km ride) or maybe if was our shiny bike helmets, which did look pretty PRO and/or ELITE, but some winged jerk took a disliking to us.

No, this wasn’t just a swoop and go – the fiend swooped and pecked at us for a collective 5 dives, leaving us both with small red marks on the neck/ear and a new found loathing for Australia animals.

It’s pretty lucky that:

a) Me and The Girl had pretty decent bike handling skills

b) We were on a bike path and off the main road at the time

c) We didn’t look like this during the attack… or ever…

Magpie Helmet Dork

No amount of attacks justifies this…

Completely unjustified attack, I only ate 2 of its eggs.

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