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Sports nutrition coaching for real results

You spend countless hours training for your sport .

You invest in the latest bike, the fastest surf-ski, the most advanced GPS. You get massage, physio and sports specific coaching. All while sill eating the same old diet you always have, (or maybe trying whatever the latest fad diet gripping the sports world is).

The fact is that without a measured, logical and evidence based approach to testing and ultimately refining the right protocol for you can your sport, you are leaving a potentially game changing performance on the table.

The real key here is outcome based decision making and testing using simulated race conditions. Unless you’re testing, you’e guessing.

At Firebrand we have a testing and outcome based decision making protocol that will help you dial in a race winning formula for your next ‘A’ race…

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Maarten Testimonial

Maarten Holsboer

"I worked with Phil to get ready for my first Ironman. The training program he constructed was a very effective one that also included my nutrition strategy which was specifically tailored for this event. Phil was flexible in his approach and happy to adjust the training to fit my availability (work and young children permitting) and fatigue levels. This helped me greatly in achieving my goal and I finished the race with a very positive result."
Maarten Testimonial