Rapha Gentlemen’s Race Sydney 2013 Report

Performance Coach

Just the name is awesome, ‘Gentleman’s Race’, conjures up imaged of moustaches and, er… Cups of tea?

We would be taking this one on as a squad, a mix of the TSS boys and girls and at about 140k is would be a decent endurance ride leading into Ironman WA. It also would involve a fair amount of climbing and some gravel/dirt sections to spice things up… Rapha style.

TSS at the Rapha Gentlemans Race

I’m not much of a team sport guy, hence why I’m attracted to triathlon I guess, but there is really something to be said for pulling together to push through and have fun in a race that’s not really a race. And pull together is what we did; we all started strong, as most people do at any event, and the glorious weather had everyone in good spirits, cruising past other groups and picking up more than a few tailgater’s chatting and banter.

This isn’t the kind of event with aid stations so we had to grab water where and when we could, petrol stations, peoples gardens, shops, etc. But somewhere along the way we didn’t quite pick up enough and the last 40k or so became a real slog, it was like the wind was collectively taken out of our sails, heads went down, sweat started pouring and people started peddling squares. But after a bit of sweat and tears we made it to a cafe, not 5k from the finish. But dam, we wolfed down coke and cakes like we had another 100k to go. The energy got into our system fast and before you could say sugar rush we were racing each other up the final climb of the day to the finish.

A great hit out and brilliant atmosphere from all the participants. Just a shame we didn’t end up in a Rapha video.


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