A Very Quick MAF Case Study

By August 25, 2016Coaching, Running, Training
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I just wanted to share a very quick little case study with you on what a consistent approach to MAF running can do. For those unfamiliar with the MAF approach, you can read about it here.

Dave Scot Williams

Essentially, one of our athletes, David Scott Williams, has been doing the bulk of his running volume each week at or below his maximum aerobic HR, for him, that was 137 bpm, (with a sprint session each week – so essentially a polarized training approach). But essentially, he’s mostly been running “easy”, (before you purists jump on me, I know, I know… MAF does not mean ‘easy’).

We conducted an MAF test approximately every 4 weeks, which, after a good warm up, consists of a 5KM “time trial” at his 137 MAF heart rate; we then look at the average pace for that 5km, (amongst other things). The theory being that you become more efficient, (read, faster) at that HR, (which is very appropriate for IM racing).

The progression has been great – especially for such a seasoned runner:

8th Jun: 5:18 pace
29th Jun: 4:58 pace
27th July: 4:42 pace
24th Aug: 4:29 pace

The lesson here; you can have a healthy, sustainable approach to your training and still see big results… Looking forward to seeing what pace Dave tops out at!

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