Why did I study with Precision Nutrition?

Millions of people waste time on workout programs they’ll never stick to, diets that are impossible to keep up, and fitness gimmicks that never really do anything.

Is PN another diet? Actually, no. Because diets aren’t the answer to anything. Except for maybe selling books or getting on TV.

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

What you need, instead, is a cornerman. Someone who’s been in the ring and knows how to throw a few punches and take a few hits. Someone who can help you figure out what to do next, especially when you’ve reached a plateau or stop being consistent with your program.

And that’s what PN teaches – not only the in-depth physiology and biology required to make informed decisions – but also a methodology to really help clients make lasting change. The difference here is ‘coaching’ – not a set it and forget it ‘program’; and the results speak for themselves – the PN method has helped over 35,000 people achieve their health and fitness goals as well as losing over 450,000 pounds of body fat.

As a Precision Nutrition certified coach we are taught to:

Really listen
To figure out what you need and what you want to accomplish.

Pay attention
To read between the lines and learn how you live.

Ask questions
To discover what’s really important to you and why.

Team up
To work together and create something personal for you.

Coach and mentor
To ensure you’re on track, and remove roadblocks to success.

The Precision Nutrition purpose.

It all began in 2003, when co-founders Dr. John Berardi and Phil Caravaggio joined together on two inspiring missions.

To help clients all over the world discover the joys of living a fit, healthy life. And to help thousands of professionals deliver this purpose to their own clients.

John, trained in fitness and nutrition, and Phil, trained in engineering and technology, share a common belief: Good health and a thriving body are the birthright of every single person on this planet.

Tired of diet books and cookie-cutter training plans, John and Phil created a research-driven, web-based coaching community called Precision Nutrition.

Today, Precision Nutrition is the largest — and most respected — private nutrition coaching company in the world.

We are the go-to source in the fitness industry. Renowned fitness experts, health professionals, and superstar athletes all come to us for advice.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve watched fad diets and fitness crazes come and go. But when the fads have failed, and the crazes have died out, and people just want something that works… we’re the ones they come to.

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