Performance Nutrition Coaching

Develop habits for optimal health and performance

Training and exercise alone will only get you so far in the search for the optimal balance of health, performance and body composition.

Even individuals blessed with genetics that seem to let them ‘get away with’ eating whatever they want and still remain ‘lean’ are potentially leaving a lot on the table in terms of the performance and health benefits that come from optimising nutrition.

You’ve probably had experience with the following:

  • Difficult to follow, impractical, generic ‘diet plans’
  • The ‘one size fits all’ approach preached by most diet books
  • The dogma preached by advocates of certain ‘ways of eating’

And you’ve probably been left disappointed by all of the above.

That’s why at Firebrand we focus on personalised nutrition coaching – working with our clients to discover what works for them. We do this through a process of:

  • Setting specific goals
  • Identifying limiting factors
  • Developing habits and strategies
  • Providing education

Testing, learning, evaluating and altering the program

Everything we do is evidence and outcome based.

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AC Testimonial

Amanda Clark

"I really enjoyed and valued Phil’s coaching; it was personalised and most of all it was about embracing the journey and enjoying it along the way! I loved that his approach was an holistic one that took into consideration not only my physical training needs, but my mental wellbeing as well as nutritional needs. He spent the time to analyse and ask me questions as well as regular check-ins which helped challenge and motivate me as well as question myself what I wanted to achieve out of this journey."
AC Testimonial