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Stress is a limiting factor - don't let it hold you back

Don't Let the Wrong Kind of Stress Hold You Back

Stress can be good – we only adapt and get stronger in response to the training stress we put on our bodies. But all too often high performers are exposed to too much of the wrong kind of stress, compounding hard training with late nights, long work days and not enough focused, purposeful rest.

One of the keys to peak performance is proper management of lifestyle factors. You’re not getting the most out of your training if you aren’t focusing on optimising your:

  • Sleep
  • Stress management
  • Recovery

But get that balance right and you exponentially increase your chances of getting to the start line, fit, healthy and ready to race!

There are Only 24 Hours in a Day

Already struggling to fit your sports specific training into your schedule?

Worried that the only way to properly manage your stress is to add in tons additional activities like yoga, meditation, and daily magnesium baths?

At Firebrand we believe in lifestyle management, but using strategies that help you gain more margin in your day, not take up the precious little free time you have.

As an ‘Evernote Certified Consultant’ we can teach you to use this powerful tool to help manage your work, nutrition, and life so you can focus on what matters.


Through lifestyle assessments, we can identify the element where you may not be using your time as effectively as you could. This could range from ineffective training protocols and meal preparation to not making the most of your daily commute.

We work with out clients to implement proven productivity techniques and recovery strategies that can be done in conjunction with, or as a substitution for what you’re already doing… not simply adding more ‘to-do’s’ to your list.

Want to Take Things To the Next Level?

When you get to the pointy end of the field, every 1% counts.

One of the reasons Dave Brailsford has such success with ‘Team Sky’ is his focus on marginal gains. The tiny incremental increases in performance gained by looking at things as seemingly simple as, carrying their own pillows to hotels, the type of fabric they use for their cycling gear, the small changes to how they cool down after a stage or the type of nutrition they use depending on the temperature that day… it all adds up to race winning performances.

That’s why at Firebrand we help our clients to find every edge they can. From tactics like, use of sauna to produce heat shock proteins and train the ‘central governor’, cold thermogenesis for fat loss and temperature regulation, to nutritional protocols like caffeine fasting to reset adenosine receptors and get the maximum ergogenic effect on race day.

But you don’t have to be ‘elite’ to take advantage of these tactics. Athletes of all abilities have improved their performance by looking for the ‘slight edge’.

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