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By August 22, 2016Coaching, Training
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The latest short post in my ongoing ‘Why’ series on motivation and mindfulness. If you’re interested you can check out the other posts in the series:

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This post really follows on from the 2nd – building on knowing ‘why’ you are doing a particular session and ensuring you stick to that objective, despite the actions of your training partners.

Too often, way too often, people get caught up in the excitement of a session and forsake much needed ‘easy’ workouts to keep up with their usual training partners, (ego doesn’t let people drop back to a ‘slower’ group even when it’s the best choice).


Get it?

Conversely, (but not as common with hard-charging athletes) you may be tempted to sack off a ‘hard’ session in favour of a coffee ride.

Now, I’m not saying you need to stick to the session in your training plan no matter what. ‘Box ticking’ is not a good strategy and there are certainly times when you want to deviate. What I am encouraging people to do is think about why you are deviating and choose to change the session rather than drifting into a session you didn’t plan.

It’s OK to go hard on a rest day if you feel amazing, genuinely don’t need the time off and will get more benefit from a hard hill session with your friends. It’s OK to pull back on those intervals if you’re fatigued and want to join your friends for a fun ocean swim instead. Just do so mindfully and with purpose.

Happy training!

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