Husky Triathlon Festival – Short Race Report

By February 27, 2017Race Reports, Triathlon
Performance Coach

Husky MP Crew

So this will be a short one – and I’m not going to delve too deeply into how my race went, in fact, I could sum it up pretty quickly now:

I was sick with a cold virus for about 3 weeks before the event, so training was minimal/pretty rubbish – even the day before I awoke with a sore throat, feeling pretty sorry for myself, and was pretty sure that although I always intended to start, that I’d end up pulling the pin and rolling around easy. However, I miraculously felt pretty good on race day, (or my body went into ‘war-mode’, with me giving it the cues that something was coming) and I ended up with a pretty respectable time, (and 7th in AG). Nothing remarkable, just a good solid race.

Husky Run

Clearly, by the look on my face, I’m having a great time!

What I did want to say is just how fun this event is… there really isn’t much like it. From the ocean swims, the running races, the kids events, the enticer, the sprint, and the long course, there is something for everyone; and because of this, everyone shows up! I’m not joking, you basically transplant the Sydney triathlon community to Huskisson for the weekend, and the atmosphere is electric. I couldn’t walk around the event or the expo for more than 5 minutes without bumping into someone I knew – and that’s just the pre-race.

Team Transition

Kirsty from the MP crew getting set up

During the race itself, you’re always chasing or being chased, (I partially blame this for the stellar performances most of the folk I know had) and you don’t go for very long without a whoop/cheer/high five/ass slap from a spectator, squad member or teammate. Which, suffice it to say makes for fun and exciting racing! Massive shout out to the Moore Performance crew for their efforts. Legends.

Husky SwimRace Tips

A standard deepwater ocean swim and a flat 2 lap run don’t give much opportunity for flash tactics. And the bike is also a pretty straightforward rolling course with no ‘climbs’ to speak of, however; with the number of athletes on course it can be easy to get stuck behind packs; therefore, I’d suggest getting good at passing at a higher intensity and being able to settle right back to your race pace. I recommend training with some short VO2 max intervals, (~3mins) interspersed in an extended 70.3 effort, (whatever % of your FTP you’re comfortable at, 70-85% for most folk).

Husky Finish

Anyhow, that’s about it. Now go sign up for next year.


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