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By December 6, 2012Cycling, Gear
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Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against having ‘Sunday best’ gear and equipment – I mean, I’m not going to start commuting to work on my Shiv; well, not unless I’m REALLY late  due to a monster training session and the boss needs those TPS reports ASAP, then I would totally time-trial my way to the office. Even then I might not… being the ‘maverick who plays by his own rules’ that I am.

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But what I do find odd, and this seems to be more of a triathlete/cyclist thing; is the purchase and subsequent ‘saving for special occasions’ of fancy and expensive gear. And I’m not talking about special race jerseys, I’m talking full on bike and super aero wheels costing serious $$$ that sit waiting for that one time when the pope asks you to climb the Tourmalet with him, (I have it on good authority that he rides a sweet custom BAUM Corretto).

Just in terms of natural depreciation this behavior makes no dam sense at all – you own them for 2/3 years before they are out of date a make you look like a hillbilly, “ha, look at that hick on the old Zips… not even Firecrest. Loser” and then no one will want to buy them for anything near what you paid for them,  (also people tend to be skeptical of 2nd hand carbon… miss use  cracks and all that). So you paid $2,000 rode them 5 times and sold them for $300. That, $340 per ride… bargain!

A) Your expensive bike/wheels are not made of glass and wont fall apart on a slightly bumpy road

B) They are not made of paper either and a spot of rain will not make them melt

So by all means buy fancy gear… but use and enjoy it… or don’t, keep it in a vacuum sealed chamber until you’re ready for an upgrade – I’ll happily take if off your hands for a fair price.

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