Super Shake
July 27, 2016

Nutrition for Long Rides – The Basics

The following is a primer on getting started with sports nutrition to fuel a long 'endurance' bike ride, (by 'long' here we are talking 4/5+ hours). While for most of…
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Moor Performance Squad
July 21, 2016

Plus, Equals, Minus – A Philosopy for Training Groups

I was listening to a fantastic audio book while on the turbo trainer, ('Ego is the Enemy' by Ryan Holiday, if you're interested) when a particular anecdote really struck me.…
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Stack Report
Stack ReportTraining
March 4, 2014

The Stack Report – 16km Squad TT

Just a quick one on the manly road rash I earned today by being a tool and falling off my bike. Basically a lesson in not taking corners too hard…
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