SBR Charlottes Pass
January 13, 2017

So You’ve Finished a Training Camp, Now What?

So you've just finished a hardcore training camp, you've put in hundreds of kilometers of blood sweat and tears. Awesome! The fitness gains you can make from short term 'over-reaching'…
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TrainingTraining Sessions
October 16, 2016

Ironman Turbo Trainer Simulation: My Favourite Sessions

"Yes, It does say 5 hours on the turbo trainer..." The reaction I typically get from my athletes when I give them this session. As part of a new series…
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October 3, 2016

The ‘Type A’s’ Guide to the ‘Easy Week’

One of the hardest thing as a coach is to get a driven, 'type A' athlete to take an 'easy week'. "But, coach! How will I ever qualify for Kona…
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fail fast fail often
September 26, 2016

It’s Not OK to Fail… It’s Essential

How do you know where the line is unless you've gone over it? Why are People Afraid to Fail? Despite the myriad benefits, which I'll go into below... many of…
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I think I can
September 11, 2016

Mind Your Language – The Power of Positive Self Talk

I was training for the 3 Peaks in Victoria a couple of years back, (a 235km bike race with over 4,000 meters of climbing) when a friend asked if I…
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Athlete Testing
September 5, 2016

Why You Should be Benchmarking Performance for Your Sport

There are many, many approaches to benchmarking and testing for every sport... too many to cover here, it also wouldn't be particularly helpful. For instance, I¬†would use a different testing…
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Dave Scot Williams
August 25, 2016

A Very Quick MAF Case Study

I just wanted to share a very quick little case study with you on what a consistent approach to MAF running can do. For those unfamiliar with the MAF approach,…
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August 22, 2016

It’s YOUR Training Session

The latest short post in my ongoing 'Why' series on motivation and mindfulness. If you're interested you can check out the other posts in the series: A Simple Technique to…
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Coaching Call
August 8, 2016

Good Coaching Relies on Good Feedback

How to Get the Most From Your Coach You put a lot of effort into your training, your coach spends time crafting a well thought out, periodized program to deliver…
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Question Every Session
August 2, 2016

Ask “Why” About Every Session

A quick post today on the theme of 'why' I've been writing about recently. This isn't an original idea, (I'm borrowing from legendary running coach, Jack Daniel's). But it's such…
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