November 7, 2016

Don’t Chase ‘Time’, Chase Challenges

This might come across a little 'ranty' - but I think it's rant some folk need to hear, and not because I think they are 'wrong'... but because too many…
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I think I can
September 11, 2016

Mind Your Language – The Power of Positive Self Talk

I was training for the 3 Peaks in Victoria a couple of years back, (a 235km bike race with over 4,000 meters of climbing) when a friend asked if I…
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Question Every Session
August 2, 2016

Ask “Why” About Every Session

A quick post today on the theme of 'why' I've been writing about recently. This isn't an original idea, (I'm borrowing from legendary running coach, Jack Daniel's). But it's such…
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Moor Performance Squad
July 21, 2016

Plus, Equals, Minus – A Philosopy for Training Groups

I was listening to a fantastic audio book while on the turbo trainer, ('Ego is the Enemy' by Ryan Holiday, if you're interested) when a particular anecdote really struck me.…
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