November 20, 2016

Happy Foods to Boost Your Mood

Now before we get carried away with 'magic pill fallacies', no food is going act as a substitute for the love, belonging, autonomy, passion, and purpose that contribute to a…
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Sports Nutrition Testing
October 26, 2016

Sports Nutrition Testing – Some Things You Might be Ignoring

The fact you need to be testing your nutrition strategy before race day is not new news. But way too many people leave it at simply testing the 'type' of…
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Food for thoughtNutrition
August 29, 2016

A Primer on Prebiotic Foods

Most people are aware of the importance of gut health; it really does touch every aspect of our well-being, from immune function, to digestion, to nutrient absorption, and for athletes,…
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Super Shake
July 27, 2016

Nutrition for Long Rides – The Basics

The following is a primer on getting started with sports nutrition to fuel a long 'endurance' bike ride, (by 'long' here we are talking 4/5+ hours). While for most of…
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June 11, 2016

Experiments in Ketosis – Day 6

Ups and downs as expected this first week. Overall I've got to say I feel good. My mood and energy levels have been stable during the day. Also, I've not…
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Bulletproof Coffee
June 6, 2016

Experiments in Ketosis – Day 1

Before we get going, (and before the 'internet' jumps up and down on my head) let's clear up a couple of points: I'm not saying this is the 'one true…
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High Fat Foods
Food for thought
December 5, 2014

High Fat Low Carb, (HFLC) – Don’t Become a Cultist

So after the ABC Catalyst documentary that aired the other day. Danny asked me to share a few thoughts as this related to endurance athletes. Now, LCHF, (that's 'low carb,…
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