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Phil Cross

Challenge Melbourne Finish
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May 12, 2017

Lessons in Acceptance from Challenge Melbourne 2017

Challenge Melbourne this year was, well... challenging. Now, I'm not going to go into the minutia of the detail, but in bullet-point form: The weather was tough - high winds…
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Husky MP Crew
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February 27, 2017

Husky Triathlon Festival – Short Race Report

So this will be a short one - and I'm not going to delve too deeply into how my race went, in fact, I could sum it up pretty quickly…
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SBR Charlottes Pass
January 13, 2017

So You’ve Finished a Training Camp, Now What?

So you've just finished a hardcore training camp, you've put in hundreds of kilometers of blood sweat and tears. Awesome! The fitness gains you can make from short term 'over-reaching'…
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Callala Bike Data
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December 18, 2016

Callala Ultimate Triathlon 2016 Race Report

So, let's get this out of the way at the start; I fucked up and unintentionally became a dirty cheater! I'm not going to bore you with the minute detail,…
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December 9, 2016

Triathlon Gear – Think Before You Spend

Before y'all jump on my for being self-righteous, or think that because I'm writing this that I'm above a bit of 'shameless gear buying'... I'm not. Triathlon, by its very…
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November 20, 2016

Happy Foods to Boost Your Mood

Now before we get carried away with 'magic pill fallacies', no food is going act as a substitute for the love, belonging, autonomy, passion, and purpose that contribute to a…
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November 7, 2016

Don’t Chase ‘Time’, Chase Challenges

This might come across a little 'ranty' - but I think it's rant some folk need to hear, and not because I think they are 'wrong'... but because too many…
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CyclingRace Reports
November 2, 2016

Fitz’s Challenge 2016 Race Report (Sort of)

Technically not a race report, as the event organizers are keen to point out... it's not a race it's a 'challenge'. But, c'mon... when you have a bunch of people…
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Sports Nutrition Testing
October 26, 2016

Sports Nutrition Testing – Some Things You Might be Ignoring

The fact you need to be testing your nutrition strategy before race day is not new news. But way too many people leave it at simply testing the 'type' of…
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TrainingTraining Sessions
October 16, 2016

Ironman Turbo Trainer Simulation: My Favourite Sessions

"Yes, It does say 5 hours on the turbo trainer..." The reaction I typically get from my athletes when I give them this session. As part of a new series…
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