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Challenge Melbourne Finish

Lessons in Acceptance from Challenge Melbourne 2017

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Challenge Melbourne this year was, well… challenging. Now, I’m not going to go into the minutia of the detail, but in bullet-point form: The weather was tough – high winds…

Husky MP Crew

Husky Triathlon Festival – Short Race Report

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So this will be a short one – and I’m not going to delve too deeply into how my race went, in fact, I could sum it up pretty quickly…

SBR Charlottes Pass

So You’ve Finished a Training Camp, Now What?

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So you’ve just finished a hardcore training camp, you’ve put in hundreds of kilometers of blood sweat and tears. Awesome! The fitness gains you can make from short term ‘over-reaching’…

Callala Bike Data

Callala Ultimate Triathlon 2016 Race Report

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So, let’s get this out of the way at the start; I fucked up and unintentionally became a dirty cheater! I’m not going to bore you with the minute detail,…


Triathlon Gear – Think Before You Spend

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Before y’all jump on my for being self-righteous, or think that because I’m writing this that I’m above a bit of ‘shameless gear buying’… I’m not. Triathlon, by its very…


Happy Foods to Boost Your Mood

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Now before we get carried away with ‘magic pill fallacies’, no food is going act as a substitute for the love, belonging, autonomy, passion, and purpose that contribute to a…


Don’t Chase ‘Time’, Chase Challenges

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This might come across a little ‘ranty’ – but I think it’s rant some folk need to hear, and not because I think they are ‘wrong’… but because too many…


Fitz’s Challenge 2016 Race Report (Sort of)

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Technically not a race report, as the event organizers are keen to point out… it’s not a race it’s a ‘challenge’. But, c’mon… when you have a bunch of people…

Sports Nutrition Testing

Sports Nutrition Testing – Some Things You Might be Ignoring

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The fact you need to be testing your nutrition strategy before race day is not new news. But way too many people leave it at simply testing the ‘type’ of…


Ironman Turbo Trainer Simulation: My Favourite Sessions

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“Yes, It does say 5 hours on the turbo trainer…” As part of a new series of posts I thought I would document some of my favorite training sessions that I…


The Wim Hoff Method (Week 7) – Synergy

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The theme for this week comes from the big book of business wank words… ‘synergy’ By that, I mean the cold, the breathing, and the meditation and impacting and strengthening…


The ‘Type A’s’ Guide to the ‘Easy Week’

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One of the hardest thing as a coach is to get a driven, ‘type A’ athlete to take an ‘easy week’. “But, coach! How will I ever qualify for Kona…


The Wim Hoff Method (Week 6) – Ebb and Flow

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After following the Wim Hof Method for several weeks now it seems like the program ebbs and flows in terms of ‘difficulty’ from week to week. I’m not sure if this…

fail fast fail often

It’s Not OK to Fail… It’s Essential

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How do you know where the line is unless you’ve gone over it? Why are People Afraid to Fail? Despite the myriad benefits, which I’ll go into below… many of…

Bondi 2 Berry - Ready to Roll

Bondi 2 Berry – It was a ‘Ride to Remember’

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This weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in the inaugural ‘Bondi 2 Berry – Ride to Remember’, a scenic 155km KM cruise past some of the most beautiful…

Wim Hof Shelf

The Wim Hoff Method (Week 5) – Mental Toughness

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Shit just got real. The exercises and the cold exposure really ramped up this week and the theme for me became, ‘mental toughness’. The key difference: 10 mins cold shower…

I think I can

Mind Your Language – The Power of Positive Self Talk

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I was training for the 3 Peaks in Victoria a couple of years back, (a 235km bike race with over 4,000 meters of climbing) when a friend asked if I…

Ice Ice Baby

The Wim Hoff Method (Week 4… Take 2)

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Ah… that’s better! What a difference a bit of focus can make! I had several breakthroughs this week. I had my first 3 min retention and it felt strangely comfortable…

Athlete Testing

Why You Should be Benchmarking Performance for Your Sport

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There are many, many approaches to benchmarking and testing for every sport… too many to cover here, it also wouldn’t be particularly helpful. For instance, I would use a different testing…

Melting Ice

The Wim Hof Method – I’m going to Repeat (Week 4)

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This week hasn’t been ideal – work and life have been very hectic – and, to be perfectly honest I feel like I’ve been phoning in the WHM exercises… or at…


A Primer on Prebiotic Foods

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Most people are aware of the importance of gut health; it really does touch every aspect of our well-being, from immune function, to digestion, to nutrient absorption, and for athletes,…

The Iceman

The Wim Hof Method – Athletic Interval Recovery (Week 3)

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Week 3 of the program was largely the same as week 2 with a few notable alterations… namely; An additional round of breathing, (4 in total) – although my breath hold time…

Dave Scot Williams

A Very Quick MAF Case Study

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I just wanted to share a very quick little case study with you on what a consistent approach to MAF running can do. For those unfamiliar with the MAF approach,…


It’s YOUR Training Session

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The latest short post in my ongoing ‘Why’ series on motivation and mindfulness. If you’re interested you can check out the other posts in the series: A Simple Technique to…


The Wim Hof Method – It’s Push-up Time! (Week 2)

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Firstly – if you’re unfamiliar with Wim Hof or the basic principles of the course I recommend you check out my previous ‘week 1’ post. Week 2 Thoughts and Results The…

Wim HofWim HofWim Hof

The Wim Hof Method 10 Week Course – My Experience (Week 1)

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OK firstly – it took all of my willpower not to call this series of posts ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, (get it?!). Now with that nerdiness out of…

Coaching Call

Good Coaching Relies on Good Feedback

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How to Get the Most From Your Coach You put a lot of effort into your training, your coach spends time crafting a well thought out, periodized program to deliver…

Question Every Session

Ask “Why” About Every Session

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A quick post today on the theme of ‘why‘ I’ve been writing about recently. This isn’t an original idea, (I’m borrowing from legendary running coach, Jack Daniel’s). But it’s such…

Super Shake

Nutrition for Long Rides – The Basics

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The following is a primer on getting started with sports nutrition to fuel a long ‘endurance’ bike ride, (by ‘long’ here we are talking 4/5+ hours). While for most of…

Moor Performance Squad

Plus, Equals, Minus – A Philosopy for Training Groups

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I was listening to a fantastic audio book while on the turbo trainer, (‘Ego is the Enemy’ by Ryan Holiday, if you’re interested) when a particular anecdote really struck me….