After going through his own transformation, from a chronically unwell, overweight kid from the north of England to eventual Ironman triathlete, Phil fell in love with health and fitness – seeing what a few simple lifestyle changes could do to wellness, happiness and performance he began consuming everything he could on the subject.

Years later, after a lot of self experimentation and experience coaching people from all walks of life – Phil practices as an holistic performance coach focusing not just on exercise and nutrition, but all aspects that influence well-being. Such as sleep, stress, work, goal setting and life planning.

Helping people discover and achieve their goals is why Phil founded Firebrand Coaching. And why the name ‘Firebrand’? The dictionary describes a firebrand as:

1. a piece of burning wood.
2. a person who is very passionate about a particular cause.

And that sums Phil’s approach up, (well… maybe not the ‘burning wood’ part). A Precision Nutrition certified coach, Phil works with individuals to help them achieve the perfect balance between health, performance and body composition through a habit formation, in-depth analysis and outcome based decision making. Phil’s first love of triathlon remains his primary coaching focus with the Moore Performance training squad; helping athletes get big results at distances from sprint and the Ironman; but as an avid multi-sport enthusiast himself, he also coaches for adventure races, mountain bike events, trails runs and more; ranging from X-Terra all the way up to multi-day events.

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